of the child's soul
of the child's soul
into life
of the child's soul
throughout childhood
of the child's soul
into another world

intro anisarania – en

intro anisarania text – en

Chaperonage of the child’s soul

Anisarania (chaperonage or accompagnionship through mentoring and distance healing) is centered on the child’s soul and her contact with the unseen realms. We are not just a physical body, thoughts and feelings. We are much more. We are inspired. We are souls having an earthly experience.

Anisarania illuminates the sacred passages of our arrival into this world and of being born, as well as our departure into the spiritual dimension. Anisarania gives the child’s soul a voice, reminds her of her divine strength and helps her move through the darker phases of childhood.

Anisarania deeply touches the child’s soul and actively assists her along her life’s journey.


 So gentle, delicate and small,
At once wonderful, splendid and tall,
Heard in your complete wholeness,
You’ll grow and shine in brightness


Anisarania offers distant sessions for children and their families. It chaperones the child’s soul through incarnation, as well as during challenging phases of childhood and when leaving earthly life. This chaperonage includes a preliminary telephone or Skype consultation with the mother/parents, followed by the distant energetic session(s) and the mediumistic communication with the child’s soul. A written report of the session(s) is then emailed to the parents before the final in-depth telephone discussion.

The charge is CHF 100 or  € 80 per hour and calculated according to the duration of the session(s) and talks. For long-term chaperonage a reduced price can be arranged.

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ins Leben hinein image – en

into life

before conception, during pregnancy, at birth

ins Leben hinein text – en

When a baby is announcing herself/himself ..

A soul on its way to earth senses and experiences more than we can imagine. She perceives not only her mother’s mood, but is influenced by the environment of  her parents-to-be and by the memories and heritage of her ancestors. Every soul bears her own history and past experiences. Particularly the ‘New children’ (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, ..) have a hard time paving their way through the energetically denser layers of the earth.

The child’s soul communicates telepathically with her future mother (and father) through intuition, dreams and extended states of consciousness. If she is unheard, she has no other way to draw attention to her needs other than by speaking through her mother’s body (i.e. pregnancy discomfort or an unfavorable position in the womb). The earlier the parents make contact with the child’s soul to welcome her, the smoother her arrival on earth.

Credits to Zena Holloway, Underwater photographer

Whether it be to understand the cause of an unsuccessful pregnancy, to unveil the source of gestational complications or simply to connect with your child’s soul during this significant time, Anisarania will happily support you on your journey.

Conscious conception and pregnancy, birth blessing, energetic and spiritual birth chaperonage, you can find more information on

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die Kindheit hindurch image – en

throughout childhood

during illness, transformation and  growth

die Kindheit hindurch text – en

When a child’s soul calls for healing ..

How does your child really feel? What is going on in their internal world? What is hidden behind their excessive or unusual behaviour (crying, rage, sleeping problems, secrecy, seclusion, etc.)? What is the origin? How is your child dealing with illness? What does it mean? Why is your child seeking your attention?

In the daily hustle and bustle, and behind the veils of old wounds and painful life experiences, it is often impossible for us, as parents, to connect to the true core of our child’s issues. We are so emotionally intertwined with our child as well as our own past experiences that we are not objective nor centered enough to offer pure, unconditional support.

Anisarania supports parents and their children from newborn to adolescence; listening in at every level (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) of their well-being, looking at the core of their body, soul and current life circumstance, and releasing energetic blockages. Anisarania also looks at family entanglement and repeating patterns and behaviour through ancestral lines. Anisarania unveils wounds in the soul caused by the incarnation process or preceding events. To allow your child to heal and flourish, Anisarania also performs energetic cleansing and harmonisation of the child’s living space.

New forces are set free in your child and the self-healing and self-regulation mechanisms of the body are stimulated. The soul takes back her space and is able to shine her true light. As parents, you will receive important clues about how to better support your child through the difficulties they are experiencing in their life.

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in eine andere Welt hinaus image – en

into another world

dying, passage into the spiritual dimension

in eine andere Welt hinaus text – en

When children are dying ..

Healing doesn’t only mean the recovery of the physical body, healing happens at deeper levels and in other dimensions. It takes place when the soul has found salvation and peace with herself. Sometimes this can mean leaving the physical body behind and moving on.

Loosing a child, during either pregnancy or childhood, is one of the most challenging events a parent could experience.

How will my child’s passage unfold? Will they be in pain? Will they be able to let go? Am I able to let them leave? Is there something they still want to tell me? Will they reach their ‘new home’ safely?

Time stands still. Thoughts run wild. Emotions are a rollercoaster ride.

Death, like birth, is an important process of transformation, involving huge potential for our souls to heal and evolve, not only for the child, but their parents as well. The smoother and more respectfully we set this sacred passage in motion the easier and more freely the soul can move on.

Anisarania will support you and your child through events such as miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, injury, disease or whatever may be causing your child to cross over into the spiritual dimension.

Chaperonage on the path towards dying assists the soul to detach from the physical by helping the child to let her go. Inner and outer resistances are identified and released for transformation. Communication with the soul, including intuitive sounds and supportive vibrations offer a smooth and dignified passage. Healing occurs for both you and your child.


Remember. You are wholeheartedly loved. Be free !

Stretch heavenwards and fly with love into your new life.

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I am happy to provide more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Rebekka Gabriela Specht

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About me

Rebekka Gabriela Specht – I am a mother of two almost adult sons from whom I have learned so much about myself, life and the ‘new children’.

Based in the French speaking part of Switzerland, I have been practicing voice and energy healing for women, mothers and mums-to-be for the past ten years, both in-person and at distance.

Early on in life, I knew that I would be a bridge between the worlds but how and when that would come to be was kept secret for quite a while. The moment I was guided to research the prenatal phase and the soul-passages it became clear, and Anisarania was born.